5PCS Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Miele GN Air Clean 3D Efficiency Dust Bags Replace

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-100% new quality and high quality

- Fully compatible: suitable For models For Miele GN, S400 series, S600 series, S800 series, S5000 (S5) series, S2000 (S2) series, S8000 (S8) series, C1 series, C3 series

- Great value: Replacement Pack Vacuum bag For For Miele GN Vacuum provides superior saving performance without loss! Vacuum bag capacity - 4.76Quart

- Durability: Quality products with durable materials provide long service life and meet strict OEM standards

- High quality: The dust bag used to replace For Miele GN vacuum cleaner adopts nine layers of ultrafine fiber material For higher filtration performance. When the dust box cover is opened, the easy discharge bag automatically seals to prevent any dust leakage

- Replacement cycle: Replacing the vacuum bag and filter regularly can improve the overall performance of your vacuum cleaner. It is recommended that you replace it every 2-3 months, or depending on the use



How to use/when to change the filter bag?

-1. In general, if you use the vacuum cleaner once or twice a week, you'd better change the bag once a week

-2. Your vacuum bag is starting to smell horribly musty

-3. The vacuum cleaner has an indicator light that lets you know when the bag needs to be replaced



How to replace filter bag/replacement method

-1. Lift the release button and open the dust box cover upward until it clicks into place

-2. The filter bag has an automatically closed flap to prevent dust from escaping when the bag is removed

-3. Hold the collar, remove the filter bag from the bracket, and insert the new filter bag into the bracket as far as possible. (Note: Do not open the filter bag when you remove it from the package)

-4. Now close the cover of the dust box until it clicks into place, being careful not to grab the filter bag on the cover. The dust chamber lid is designed not to close if you do not insert a new filter bag



Why is it important to change your vacuum cleaner filter and bag?

- A filter is essential for a vacuum cleaner to work properly. With this filter, your vacuum cleaner will be your daily house cleaner

- Emptying the vacuum bag helps prevent trouble. But it's also important to replace plastic bags regularly to keep the vacuum cleaner in top condition and to ensure that dust is collected accurately




- Material: high quality non-woven fabric

- Applicable model: For Miele GN, S400 Series, S600 Series, S800 Series, S5000 (S5) Series, S2000 (S2) Series, S8000 (S8) Series, Classic C1 Series, Complete C3 Series



Package materials include:

-5 x vacuum bag

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