MYFYU Magnetic Plastic Wrap Dispenser With Cutter; Aluminum Foil and Sturdy Food Cling Wrap Cutter; Wrap Dispenser Drawer Organizer with Wax Paper and Parchment Paper For 12 Inches

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1.MYFYU Magnetic Plastic Wrap Dispenser With Cutter ,Aluminum Foil and Sturdy Food Cling Wrap Cutter ,Wrap Dispenser Drawer Organizer with Wax Paper and Parchment Paper For 12 Inches


[Fit for Food Plastic Wraps] The diameter of the plastic wrap roll ≤2.2 in/5.6 cm; and the length ≤12 in/31 cm .This plastic wrap dispenser with cutter is for household but not for large or commercial wrap; please pay attention to the inner diameter of roll before purchase. The plastic wrap organizers magnetically attached to metal surface such as refrigerators; also hung on a wall; placed on a kitchen table or stored in a drawer.

[Safe Built-in Slide Cutter] The plastic wrap dispenser has a two-way hidden sliding cutter to cut cling film; saran wrap; plastic wrap; parchment paper; aluminum film or wax paper quickly and neatly .So don't worry about this cutter will cut your fingers .This wrap dispenser is a great kitchen organization; which have two flexible adjustable width buckle; and hold the plastic wrap in place so that it cannot slide.

[Strong Bottom Magnetic Design] Cling wrap dispenser with a strong magnetic at the bottom; which can be adsorbed on metal surfaces such as refrigerators to save space and facilitate storage. Two strong hooks at the bottom; you can hang the cling film dispenser on the wall without punching holes; keeping the kitchen neat and organized. Or put this drawer organizer inside the drawer; which is over 7 inches high to put.

[Premium Environmental Material The plastic wrap dispenser is made of high-quality ABS material; which is a reusable and environmental -friendly! The cling film dispenser is lightweight; strong and durable; accurate cutting and easy to use. ABS material wrap dispenser is waterproof; anticorrosion and easy to clean. Sturdy and wear-resistant can make you safer and longer use.[Wrap Organization and Storage]The plastic wrap dispenser is a good kitchen gadgets; which is upgrade kitchen drawer organizer .As long as he is there; your kitchen will certainly be neat and orderly; and cooking will be more enjoyable .Quality after-sales service: As long as you have any questions you can contact us in time to give you treatment; please give us good feedback

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