32" Fire Pit BBQ Wood Burning Fireplace Outdoor Stove with Cover Backyard Garden

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If you want to enjoy a cozy night outdoors, this fire pit set is necessary. It is made from iron with stars and moons pattern, a poker included. The surrounding stylish pattern design not only brings much beauty but also improves the ventilation for better burning. The round suitable fire bowl is enough for wood burning. This nice, long-lasting fire pit set is worth your choice. Do not miss it!


  • Enough Space:Our metal fire pit features its deep and round fire bowl,It is enough for wood to burn. Also, there is mesh inside to prevent sparks from flying out.
  • Star & Moon Design:Adopt Xingyue hollow design, hollow grid to prevent the fire coal from falling, easy for heat to spread around, making you feel warm and pleasant.

  • Poker:Stir and control the wood with the poker and use it handle the lid safely.

  • The dense mesh cover:A densely packed net cover is placed outside to prevents embers and sparks from flying out.

  • It is widely applicable, such as gatherings of friends, dating lovers, family outings, etc., enjoying barbecue time with family members.


  • Material:  Iron

  • Gross/net weight:  12kg/9.7kg

  • Thickness of fire kang material:  The thickness of the bottom side is 1.3MM; the thickness of the accessories is 2MM;The side net is 0.6mm iron wire; the fire kang top cover net is 0.6mm iron wire

  • Outer diameter: 60.5CM

  • Inner diameter:58.5CM

  • Foot diameter:3.9CM

  • Outer depth:21CM

  • Inner depth:20.8CM

  • Ground clearance:  22.5CM

  • Outer ring handle diameter:  81CM

  • Diameter of outer ring tube:  1.6CM

  • Outer ring tube thickness:  1MM

  • Grid diameter:  56.5CM

  • Grid material diameter:  0.3CM and 0.4CM


  • 1 * Lift handle

  • 1 * Screen

  • 4 * Decorative rail

  • 4 * Grill supporter

  • 4 * Upper connector

  • 4 * Lower connector

  • 1 * Fire bowl

  • 3 * Leg

  • 1 * Poker

  • 6 * M6 X 10MM Bolt

  • 8 * M6 X 15MM Bolt

  • 5 * M6 Nut

  • 1 * Grill

  • 1 * Manual

  • 1 * Black bag

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