Aquarium Air Pump One Outlet Aerator Oxygen Hose Quiet Compressor for Fish Tank

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-100% brand new quality and high quality

-Fish tank oxygen pump, connected to silicone hose, you can provide fresh oxygen aquarium at the same time. The fish in the aquarium can breathe fresh oxygen air, with the aquarium bubble lamp to make it add oxygen, at the same time produce bubbles and colorful viewing

-The pump is made of high-quality ABS material, and the frame part is made of the latest shockproof material, which has longer service life, absorbs the outside air and sends it into the interior through the outlet. Therefore, the aquarium gets water containing oxygen to keep the marine life healthy. It is perfect for aquaculture, oxygenation, upscale aquarium, and spout decoration. It helps to make the environment healthy for your fish

-The vent hole is large enough to allow stable air infiltration, practical design of low noise operation

-Wide compatibility: the main job of the oxygen pump is to add fresh oxygen and water to the movement. The oxygen pump allows a maximum flow rate of 1.8 L / min for all fish tanks

Be careful:

-1. The power of air pump is related to the depth of fish tank. The deeper the water is, the greater the water pressure is, and the greater the power the air pump needs to be equipped with. At least the pressure exerted by the air pump is greater than the water pressure, so the matching fish tank bubble lamp can smoothly produce bubbles

-2. The air pump must be placed on the outside higher than the water level to prevent the backflow of water after power failure


-Product Name: fish tank oxygen pump

-Material: ABS

-Color: white

-Air pressure: 0.018mpa

-Air output: 1.8l/min

-Power: 2.5W

-Voltage: 110 ~ 120V

-Frequency: 60Hz

-Cable length: 75cm

-Product size: 13.5 * 5.5 * 3.5cm

The package materials include:

-1 x air pump

-1 x 2m silicone tube

-2 x oxygen stone

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