Aquarium Fish Tank Germicidal UV Light Sterilizer Pond Submersible Clean Lamp US

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-100% brand new quality and high quality

-Amphibious timing ultraviolet germicidal lamp helps to sterilize, purify water, remove algae, chlorine and odor, such as fish tank and aquarium

-It adopts UVC quartz glass tube, with high UV transmittance, strong UV and good sterilization effect

-The new model has 4 kinds of time timing design, fish protection safety mask design does not hurt the eyes, 222 ° Shading area (facing fish), 138 ° UV sterilization area

-Separate type convenient controller key design outside the cylinder, the switch can be used safely to eliminate potential safety hazards

-The germicidal lamp is generally used in the filter tank. For example, it is directly used in the fish tank (The safety mask for protecting the fish is facing the fish, and the exposure cannot be sustained for more than 1H), or please make sure that there is no fish in the tank, otherwise the fish will be injured or died due to long-term ultraviolet radiation



-Common fish tank water quality problems can not be solved all year round green water. Muddy water. Water body stinks, etc

-Working principle: destroy the DNA of microorganism by ultraviolet radiation, make it lose the ability of reproduction and die

-1. A large number of algae, green algae are difficult to deal with, and fish are easy to be infected

-2. A large number of bacteria proliferate and infect fish

-3. The water in the fish tank is not clean and the fish are listless



-Plug type: USA

-Voltage us: ac110-120v

-Main material: ABS + quartz glass

-Timing function: 4 kinds (3H / 6h / 12h / 24h)

-Use: Amphibious

-Life: 10000 hours

-Power: 13W

-Split design, high safety, equipped with powerful suction cup. Firm and reliable




-Package size: 290 * 120 * 50mm


Be careful:

-The germicidal lamp should be placed in the fish tank water, and then connected to the power line. It can not work outside the fish tank. If it is not cooled and put into the fish tank water, the product will burn out

-Please do not use this lamp as general lighting, and do not directly expose fish to this lamp for a long time. Please install and place it in the filter or other places where light cannot leak out


Package materials include:

-1 x fish tank cleaning lamp (with us plug)

-1 x accessories group

-1 x instruction

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