11in Rotating Cake Turntable 108Pcs Cake Decorating Supplies Kit Revolving Cake Table Stand Base Baking Tools

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1.Smooth Revolving



*Package Contents*:Each package contains 1 cake turntable,48 small icing tips,6 Russian tips,2 pack 12in pastry reusable bag,1 cake brush,1cake cutter,1cake pen,3 cake scrapers,2 small cake nozzle couplers,2 large cake nozzle couplers,25 disposable bags,2 icing spatulas,2 flower nails,1 cake flower lifter,and 12 cupcakes. Almost everything you need for baking is here.
*Smooth Revolving*:It turns smoothly with a rollerball system and rotates either clockwise or counterwise. This platform is perfect for both right-handed and left-handed decorators. Made of food-grade PP material,this 11" turntable is lightweight and has a non-slip base for extra stability. An affordable and practical turntable for both beginners and pro.
*48 Icing Tips*:48 icing tips enable you to choose the right one that best suits your decorating project easily. Made of stainless steel,giving your decorations a sharper and more defined shape.
*Useful Accessories*:Use 3 scrapers to smooth icing on sides & top and carve designs. Use couplers to exchange tips without exchanging piping bags. Use cleaning brush to clean narrow top of tips. The cake pen helps you write,decorate same as you do with a normal pen. Use flower nail to produce roses. Use flower lifter scissor to shift flower from nail to Cake.
*Ideal Gift*:An ideal gift for baking lovers. For both beginners and pro,there is no better alternative than our turntable attached with complete accessories.

Product Type: Cake Turn Table
Color: White
Material: 420Stainless Steel+PP+Silicone+TPU+PE
Cake Turntable Size: 27.5x27.5x7cm/11x11x2.8in
Cake Turntable Weight: 286g/0.6lbs
Per Small Icing Tip Size: 3x1.8x1.8cm/1.2x0.7x0.7in
Per Small Icing Tip Weight: 2g/0.004lbs
Per Russian Tip Size: 2x2x3.7cm/0.8x0.8x1.5in
Per Russian Tip Weight: 2.5g/0.005lbs
Per 12in Pastry Reusable Bag Size: 30.7x16.9x0.2cm/12.1x6.7x0.1in
Per 12in Pastry Reusable Bag Weight: 9g/0.02lbs
Cake Brush Size: 11.5x2x2cm/4.5x0.8x0.8in
Cake Brush Weight: 1.5g/0.003lbs
Cake Cutter Size: 26x22x0.4cm/10.2x8.7x0.2in
Cake Cutter Weight: 51g/0.1lbs
Cake Pen Size: 14x2.2x2.2cm/5.5x0.9x0.9in
Cake Pen Weight: 28.5g/0.06lbs
Cake Scrape Size: 11.2x7.5x0.2cm/4.4x3x0.1in; 11.5x8x0.2cm/4.5x3.1x0.1in; 9.9x7x0.2cm/3.9x2.8x0.1in
Cake Scraper Weight: 10.5g/0.02lbs; 12g/0.03lbs; 9g/0.02lbs
Per Small Cake Nozzle Coupler Size: 2.4x2.4x3.2cm/0.9x0.9x1.3in
Per Small Cake Nozzle Coupler Weight: 2.5g/0.006lbs
Per Large Cake Nozzle Coupler Size: 5.2x3.6x3.6cm/2x1.4x1.4in
Per Large Cake Nozzle Coupler Weight: 12g/0.03lbs
Per Disposable Bag Size: 29.7x20cm/11.7x7.9in
Per Disposable Bag Weight: 1.7g/0.004lbs
Icing Spatula Size: 27x3x0.7cm/10.6x1.2x0.3in
Icing Spatula Weight: 61g/0.1lbs
Per Flower Nail Size: 3.2x3.2x7.2cm/1.3x1.3x2.8in
Per Flower Nail Weight: 5.5g/0.01lbs
Cake Flower Lifter Size: 13x5.3x2cm/5.1x2.1x0.8in
Cake Flower Lifter Weight: 7.5g/0.02lbs
Per Cupcake Size: 7x7x3.3cm/2.8x2.8x1.3in
Per Cupcake Weight: 5g/0.01lbs
*Package Lists*:

1xCake Turntable
48xSmall Icing Tip
6x Russian Tips
2x12in Pastry Reusable Bags
1xCake Brush
1xCake Cutter
1xCake Pen
3xCake Scrapers
2x Small Cake Nozzle Coupler
1x Large Cake Nozzle Coupler
25xDisposable Bag
1xIcing Spatula (10.6in)
1xAngled Icing Spatula (10.6in )
2xFlower Nail
1xCake Flower Lifter
1x User Manual

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