Lightsaber RGB Light Sabers Metal hilt FX Heavy Dueling Light Blade Eco Smooth Swing Base lit Revan Light Sword

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1.removable battery, removable electronics, high light loud sound support heavy dueling,pre-power on, blaster, lock-up, flash on clash, lots of sound fonts, volume adjustment, light effective adjustment, force, music, smooth swing.
2.The hilt of the saber is very well made of metal aluminum,comfortable grip due to nice polished.high-impact Polycarbonate blade,Bright glowing blades with realistic battle sound effects. the Kids and adults alike will enjoy the supports real duels, flashes when colliding.When you swing it, it is like a real sword.
3.The Lightsaber has a real sound of smooth swing, blaster, clash, slice through the air and more other iconic sounds, let you cross into the real movie.RGB 12 color changing light saber allows you to have Infinite Color Changing, 12 color options to choose from and switch on the go and 9 Sound Mode.
4.Upgraded Smooth Swing technology giving you fast and heavy dueling experience, it looks stunning while swinging in the dark. Neat metal hilt supports heavy dueling. Blade made by high-impact Polycarbonate, 1-inch OD, 36.2in/92CM length, extremely strong.The blade is removable.
5.Recommend this rechargeable light sword saber for all saber enthusiasts, great for practicing dueling and casual play. Such as Parties, Halloweens, Christmas cosplay. Also, it is a good gift for Birthday or festival for adults and teens.LINK: Two Sabers can be linked to create a Double Bladed Saber like Darth Maul's saber.


Material of hilt: metal aluminum alloy

Size of hilt: 27 cm

Material of blade: high-impact PC

Size of blade: 1" OD; 2mm thickness; 92cm long

Speaker: 2/3watts

Light: 12 watts RGB LED Colors changeable

Sound Fonts: 9 set sound fonts 

Battery: lithium ion battery

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