Kitchen Drain Tray, Bowl Cup Dish Drying Rack ,Tea Plate Drain board Kitchen Sink Tray, Bathroom Draining Board Bowl Cup Dish Drying Rack Rose gold, Double Layer

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double-layer tray drainer provides a non-slip surface to prevent dishes and glassware from slipping. Upper grid plate, anti-skid, and rapid drying of glass, mugs, and utensils. The 2-tier drain tray come with grid pallet and lower water-saving plate, excess water will flow to the bottom. Draining and holding at the same time. A multi-purpose plate can serve as a drain tray for fruits and vegetables and can also be used as an ordinary tea tray and coffee tray.


The shape is simple and generous, easy to take, and add a more wonderful style to your desktop.

【Large Capacity】This cup storage rack has two layers of storage space, with a large capacity, which can better meet your daily needs.

【Stable base】Square base, metal frame, more stable placement, is your good helper for storage.

【With Drain Tray】With tray, easy to drain, clean and refreshing, the tray can also be removed and used alone.

【Function】This mug holder can easily place items upside down for quick drying.

Product size: 36*25.5*26.5 CM

Product weight: 2.2 KG

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