Kitchen Drain Tray, Bowl Cup Dish Drying Rack ,Tea Plate Drain board Kitchen Sink Tray, Bathroom Draining Board Bowl Cup Dish Drying Rack White

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single tier white storage rack keeps your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom items organized. 's single-layer white bathroom storage rack can store toiletries and daily necessities in your bathroom for easy retrieval. 's single-layer white countertop storage rack can also be placed on the table to store cups and dishes. We The drain tray can also drain water from items.


Materials: Made of painted metal racks and drain boards with a bronze finish for corrosion and rust resistance, ideal for kitchen and food applications. Drain pipe is made of extra thick durable material

Space saving: specially designed for all kinds of bottles and jars. It provides more space without costing more tablespace.

Trellis Drain: The white drain pan can be easily removed from the rack to drain

Drain pan is separable: wash it separately, it is not easy to leave stains with cleaning agent.

Storage: tableware, water cups, vegetables, snacks are the same

Product size: 36*25.5*8 CM

Product weight: 1.2 KG

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