Rainbow Delta Kite, Kites for Kids Adults Easy to Fly, Great Outdoor Activities Beach Games for Kids, with Line and Handle

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Hold the kite reel with your left hand, grab the big knob with your right hand, start spinning, and there you will have the best kite flying experience. No more bare hand control to fly the kite safely. No more kite crashes on slack lines due to late checking. Long kite line that gets tangled and hard to organize.

No more losing control of the kite in strong winds, as you must apply all the force on the reel with the whole of your palm.

To be ergonomic and functional. For kite fliers from teenagers to beginners and professionals.

Get out of the house and fly a kite. 

It will combat stress, relieve boredom, make you exercise, breathe fresh air and have fun. He believes that color processing and movement stimuli are essential for adults and especially for children who have brains.

The air leakage of the kite is uniform, which favors the balance of the kite.

Three-dimensional design, the air effect is more comprehensive, the tail swings in the air, dynamic and elegant.


Dimensions: width 43.30 inches; height 27.55 inches; tail length 55.11 inches; tail width 7.08 inches. 

Rainbow kite size: 43.30 inches * 90.55 inches

Material: Check cloth; FRP rod.

Color: gradient rainbow color + black 

Weight: about 0.28 pounds

Flying wind: 2-3 levels.

Package includes: 1* kite+1* with 100-meter lin

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