Retro Games Console with Built in 90,001 Classic Games, 256G Plug and Play Video Game Console, 4K HD Emulator Console Game System with S905X3 Quad-core, Super Console X 2 Wired Controllers

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  • RICH CLASSIC GAMES - With the all in one retro game console, you can relive your childhood with more than 90,001 games and 70+ emulators. With super large capacity 256GB storage, the game console can accommodate more games. TF cards can be expanded for adding even more games.
  • GAMES AND TV SYSTEMS IN ONE - In addition to EmuELEC 4.5, JMachen Hyper Base R1 comes with Android TV 9.0 operating systems. In addition to playing games, watching TV online is also possible with this game console. Note: The console is set to boot into an old school game system by default. Please toggle it into Main Menu to boot into Android TV.
  • AMAZING 4K EXPERIENCE - The Hyper Base R1 gaming system supports HD/AV(2160P) output and is easy to set up. By using an HD cable, you can easily connect this video game console to any TV, computer, or projector monitor. You can play retro games together with your friends with this plug and play video games console for 4K TV.
  • SUPERIOR GAMING PERFORMANCE - This emulator console has a quad-core S905X3 processor and 4GB of RAM + 32G ROM, allowing it to run DC, PS1, PSP, SEGA Saturn, Amiga and more than 70 other emulators smoothly.
  • IMMERSIVE GAMING EXPERIENCE - Featuring dual vibration feedback controllers and non-slip grips, this Mini classic game system enhances your gaming experience.
  • 1-YEAR AFTER SERVICE - Please contact us if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason. We will do our best to resolve any issues and help you with your order. (Please contact us for a list of games.)
  • FREE FTP SERVER ACCESS - Can't find your favorite game? Feel free to contact us if you would like access to our FTP server with TBs of non-duplicate and 100% working games. Free full-rom sets are being built up exclusively for our customers.

With these plug-and-play devices, you can take a trip back in time to the mid-90s and revisit classics, whether you are feeling nostalgic or looking to share memories with your family or friends.

By connecting the Game Console to Your TV with an HD Cable, you will be able to relive your childhood games.

Preloaded with 90,000 retro games (including 6000 3D games), the TX3-Hyper Base R1 Game Console comes with a variety of retro games.

Warm Notice:

FTP server with 80+ emulators and 130,000 games coming soon!

It has come to our attention that customers who purchased the Hyper Base series have been experiencing problems with the MAME collections, mainly duplication and incompatibility.

In order to meet the needs of certain gamers, especially collectors, we pre-installed a complete non-merged MAME rom set on the micro-SD card of the Hyper Base R1. However, due to the way EmuELEC displays the games, these versions seem to be shown as duplicates. Also, due to the number and complexity of games in the MAME series, you may find some of them difficult to run properly.

With regard to the issue mentioned earlier, we have now set up an FTP server, which allows you to replace the original MAME folder if you want, ensuring that the Hyper Base will work as it should, 'plug and play'.

To make EmuELEC the ultimate place to play your favorite retro games, we will also provide a full game library, with as many games of every emulator EmuELEC supports as possible.

Hyper Base R1 Console: 1 Piece

Controllers: 2 Pieces

TF Card: 1 Piece

HD Cable: 1 Piece

Power supply: 1 Piece

User Manual: 1 Piece

Remote Control: 1 Piece

Strorage case: 1 Piece

Hyper Base R1 comes equipped with EmuELEC 4.4 and Android 9 TV systems.

These two systems allow you to switch between gaming and surfing the web at will.

To switch between systems, follow these steps:

Press the START button on your controller.

Power off EmuELEC system

Remove the micro-SD game card

Re-power on the console, you will be able to access Android TV 9.

Generally, the select button on the controller is set to function as a 'Hotkey', and the common key combinations are as follows:

Hotkey + A = Reset game

Hotkey + Y = Call up Retroarch

Hotkey + R1 = Save state

Hotkey + L1 = Load state

Double press Hotkey + Start = Quit game

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