Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin 1 Pack, 100% Mulberry Silk & Natural Wood Pulp Fiber Double-Sided Design, Silk Pillow Covers with Hidden Zipper (standard size:20" x 26", white)

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silk pillowcase

Why choose this mulberry silk pillowcase?

Superior Material 100% natural mulberry silk cover obtains authorized SGS test report & STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. All of our product lines and packaging are crafted from the finest organic materials.

One side of the pillowcase is 100% pure mulberry silk and the other is natural wood pulp fiber. Extend your sleeping experience with just one pillow cover.

Your new pillowcase is harmless for human health. Every single thread and every single component has been tested for harmful substances.

Benefits of Silk Pillowcase

Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin

Dual Sided Silk Pillowcases

mulberry silk pillowcase

A side is 22 momme 6A grade 100% Natural Mulberry Silk. Its smoothness, softness, breathability, extensibility, and gentle touch experience will give you a comfortable sleep the whole night.

B side is 100% organic Wood Pulp Fiber that is comfort, anti-static, and good at moisture absorption, feel the nature and freedom like the way we are from the nature.

Though 2 differnt materials on one pilowcase, both are wonderful! One Pillowcover that deliver two different experiences.

  • TWO-SIDED DESIGN: Silk pillowcase are made with 100% 22 momme highest grade (6A) mulberry silk on the front and 100% wood pulp fiber on the back. The surface of the silk is smooth and creates fewer wrinkles and indentations on the skin that help to slow down the formation of wrinkles. Wood pulp fiber has a silk-like soft touch, far superior to cotton in terms of comfort and strength. Our pillowcases give you a soft, smooth surface to sleep on while staying in place while you snooze.
  • SILK PILLOWCASE FOR HAIR AND SKIN: Silk pillow case is less absorbent, so it doesn't drink in our nighttime skincare products and won’t suck moisture from our skin as the way cotton can. Mulberry silk pillowcase contains 18 kinds of amino acids, including serine, which can nourish the skin and slow down the aging process. The smooth surface avoids friction and static, so you can wake up without bedhead and sleep lines on your face. Keeping hair glossy and smooth with flyaways, frizziness.
  • HIDDEN ZIPPER AND BUILT-IN DRYING ROPE: Our silk pillow protector is equipped with the well-known YKK zipper. YKK zipper is 200 times more durable than ordinary zippers. Hidden zipper prevents your silk pillowcase from moving out when you sleep and no more pinched hair day and night. A longer and wider zipper opening make it easy to install pillow insert. Built-in drying rope makes pillowcase drying more convenient while keeping the pillowcase simple and tidy.
  • UPGRADED WORKMANSHIP: Most silk pillowcases are thin cause they use the 3.5 stitches / 1 cm process. The gap between the satin is large and easy to tear during the washing process or daily uses. We upgrade the process to 5 stitches / 1cm, pillowcase is more durable and tough! No more worrying about the pillowcase tearing! Reactive printing and dyeing processing, silk pillowcase 1 pack will not fade.
  • BEST GIFT: The silk pillowcase is definitely the best gift for your curly-haired friends, those who want to improve the condition of their skin and those who are sweet sleepers. We have three sizes and six colors to choose from. You can choose the silk pillow cases color match your sheets or make the pillows an exciting contrast to your bedding. The pillowcases are nicely packaged in our carefully designed red gift box. It’s definitely a delicate and thoughtful gift for your loved one.

1 x pillow case , standard size: 20 x 26 inch, white

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